Windshield Glass, Hickory, NC

It is always best to have undamaged windshield glass in your vehicle for safety reasons.

Windshield Glass in Hickory, North Carolina

It is not a good idea to drive around Hickory, North Carolina if you have a chip, crack, or other damage to your windshield. Here at All Glass, we provide prompt service to repair or replace windshield glass and can accurately assess which option is the better alternative. We recommend getting it taken care of as soon as you notice a problem because there is often more likelihood of a repair being possible if you don’t wait until the damage worsens. In addition, windshield glass is weakened when damaged and can prove dangerous. It is also important to fix your windshield quickly if your view is being obstructed or it is causing added glare from the sun during the day or motorist headlights at night.

It won’t take long out of your busy day to have the windshield glass repair taken care of. In most cases, we can have the repair completed in as little as 30 minutes. Our ability to work quickly comes from more than 25 years of experience and a team of professionals who have been with us nearly the entire time. We have repaired or replaced thousands of windshields and want to help you have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and you can travel in a safe manner, as well.

3 Reasons to Have Your Windshield Glass Fixed ASAP

When it comes to a chipped or cracked windshield, many of us tend to ignore the problem until it gets worse. However, if you do have a cracked or chipped windshield, we here at All Glass suggest that you get the issue resolved as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you should provide your windshield with immediate attention, but here are just a few for your consideration.

  1. It doesn’t take much for a chip to become a crack. When you’re driving along with a chip, it doesn’t take a lot of effort for that chip to become a crack and then for that crack to spread. With things out of your control like the weather fluctuations, potholes or other minor changes, you can find that your small chip or crack quickly becomes large and expansive.
  2. It’s a safety concern. When your chip becomes a crack, it can obstruct your view. This causes a serious safety concern while you’re driving. Furthermore, you can end up getting your registration denied, a traffic citation or other legal consequences to your inaction.
  3. Windshield glass repairs are fast! In less than an hour, most places can repair or even replace your windshield. With remote repairs for your windshield glass, there is no reason why you need to put this action off!

If you are looking to have your windshield glass repaired, then we here at All Glass would like to help you. If you have questions or concerns about windshield glass, please contact us today!

We provide a wide variety of glass-related services, not only for your vehicle, but also for your home and business. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need glass replacement or custom glass for a project you have in mind. We provide free estimates for all our glass services, including windshield glass, so call today to learn more.

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