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We can provide you with all the commercial glass you need for your commercial properties.

Here at All Glass, we have made glass and its uses the focus of our business. We see glass applications almost everywhere we look, from shower doors to windows to glass partitions. When working with commercial properties, many people are looking for a more open, transparent feel in their office spaces and are finding that commercial glass is a great design and logical choice. Whether you are looking for glass in your doors, storefront glass for displays, commercial windows or even Plexiglass, our team of experts at All Glass would love to help you with your needs in the Newton, North Carolina area.

Commercial Glass in Newton, North Carolina

Because we have been working with businesses and commercial properties since 1994, we have a unique understanding of the different needs and types of commercial glass that a property needs. Our experience has enabled us to help businesses find the safest, most effective types of commercial glass for their needs, and it is something that we can assist you with in your business or commercial property as well. Over our time in business, we have been able to successfully install commercial glass into all kinds of different properties for different uses, and we would love to show you what your business would look like with our quality glass options.

Whether you are looking for a display window for retail options, quality storefront glass or solid, secure doors for the entrances to your commercial properties, our team at All Glass would like to help you. To learn more about our commercial glass options, please give us a call today.

FAQs about Commercial Glass

At All Glass, we believe that an informed customer is our best customer. We say that because we know that the more you understand about your commercial glass project and our processes, the better the communication between us can be and that means we can more accurately meet your objectives. Here are some common questions that will give you a better understanding about commercial glass.

What is low-E glass and why might I want it for my commercial glass project?

Low-E coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. When heat or light energy is absorbed by glass, it is either shifted away by moving air or re-radiated by the glass surface. There are different levels of Low-E performance surface coatings, and we have access to all levels of Low-E performance coatings. Low-E also keeps your floors and furniture from fading.

Is bulletproof glass really bulletproof?

We don’t blame anyone for being a bit confused about this one, since the name does lead one to believe that it would stop any and all bullets. We didn’t name it, but if we did, we would prefer to call it bullet-resistant or impact-resistant glass. Even the highest quality bulletproof glass can be penetrated under the right circumstances, such as with high-caliber and multiple impacts. Bulletproof glass is still significantly better than standard glass for resisting breakage, so it is highly recommended if optimal safety is your objective.

Are there other glass-related services you can provide for my business?

We rarely stand down from a challenge, so that would be a definite yes! As a reminder, we also do auto glass, so reach out to us if you have company vehicles and need windshield repair or windshield replacement from time to time. We also do residential glass so both your home and your company are in great hands with us.

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