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Come to the experts for all your door repair needs.

The front door of your business is the first thing your customers encounter as they approach. Having a broken door can cause frustration and give off a poor impression. At All Glass, we are happy to help with any of your door repairs in the Hickory, North Carolina area. We are experts in our industry and equipped and ready to complete your repair efficiently and affordably.

Door repairs in Hickory, North Carolina

Our company was established over 20 years ago. In that time, we have had two major focuses. The first being excellent service; the second growing our expertise. At All Glass, we are committed to serving all of our clients with excellence and kindness. Our staff are friendly faces, many of which have been with our company for 15 to 20 years and share our commitment to giving all of our customers a superior experience. We will work hard to make sure you are completely satisfied with your experience.

Steps to Take When you Need a Glass Door Repair

The first thing that many people see when they enter your business is the exterior or storefront. You want it to make a great first impression, right? Unfortunately, glass doors that are broken or not working can reflect poorly on your business, even if everything else is in tip-top shape. Here at All Glass, we are your experts in taking care of all your glass needs, including glass door repairs. Should you find yourself in need of repairs, here are the steps you should take for a smooth repair process.

  1. Evaluate the situation. Sometimes you will be present when your glass door breaks, and other times the need for repairs will come on slowly. No matter which group you fall in to, when it becomes a need for a professional repair, determine what should be done first. Is there broken glass around that needs to be cleaned up before entry? Can customers or clients gain entrance through another door? Will the business need to close momentarily? Take the time to let your customers know, through calls or signs, how they can enter your business safely.
  2. Call our professionals. When you call professionals like ours at All Glass, you can feel comfortable knowing that we will be there as soon as possible to take care of your door repair. With decades of experience in repairs, we can quickly assess and take care of the situation, no matter how small or severe it might be.
  3. Proceed with cleanup. Once you have notified your customers and gotten the ball rolling with our repair process, you should feel free to proceed with any cleanup that might be impeding business or safety.

For more information about door repairs, contact us at All Glass today.

Here at All Glass, we aim to live up to our name, meaning that we are able to help with any problems or requests related to glass. There are few things in the industry that we haven’t done. As a result, we have gathered a wealth of knowledge and an ability to problem solve that makes us hard to match. Door repairs are one of the many jobs our highly-trained professionals can handle with ease and efficiency.

Don’t let a broken door be the first impression of your business. Call us at All Glass for door repairs and any other glass needs.