5 Design Trends Using Custom Glass

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Custom glass can bring style and elegance to your home and catch the attention of all your guests. Whether you choose to include custom glasswork during the construction of your new home or add custom pieces to the home you already love, there are many trends that can help you achieve an unforgettable look.

choose to include custom glasswork during the construction of your new home

  1. Custom glass backsplashes – A glass backsplash offers a unique look while fulfilling some great functions. They are easy to clean and resistant to heat and impact with many design options in color, pattern, and texture.
  2. Glass countertops – Like glass backsplashes, your glass countertops are easy to clean and strong. This also makes them a great choice for bathroom countertops where many people use heated tools and where other countertop materials can collect mildew and mold.
  3. Glass cabinet windows– Many people love their heirloom china, but don’t use it as often as they’d like. With custom glass cabinet windows, you can keep your dishes put away, but still be able to see and enjoy them. Consider adding lighting inside the cabinets to really make the dishes pop.
  4. Custom glass deck rails – If you are lucky enough to have a great view in your backyard, why block it with wood or metal? A glass deck rail will provide the safety you need without blocking the beautiful scenery.
  5. Glass walls and sliding glass walls – For those who love being in nature, a glass wall is a beautiful option for “opening up” a room. Your room can feel large and spacious and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Be careful that you use insulated glass to better preserve the temperature in your home.

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