Auto Leak Diagnosis: Is Your Windshield a Problem?

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If you find water in the back seat or trunk of your car, you may be surprised to learn that it could be coming from the windshield. Because cars are often on a slope, leaks in one area can often spread to other parts of the vehicle. If you notice moisture, wet carpet, rust, or can smell mildew, then you likely have a leak somewhere and should seek an auto leak diagnosis quickly to minimize the damage done to your vehicle.

Auto Leak Diagnosis: Is Your Windshield a Problem?

What might be causing your leak?

  • A small hole in the seam under the molding – This is especially common in older vehicles where the windshield is held with a rubber gasket. Modern advances have replaced this method with a urethane seal, which is much more watertight.
  • Improper installation – As mentioned above, modern seals work well at keeping water out. However, if not installed properly, leaks can happen and need to be addressed quickly. If this is the case, you might hear a whooshing or rattling sound when driving or see that the windshield is not flush with the frame,
  • Weather stripping – It’s possible the leak isn’t coming from the windshield, but from an improper seal with your car doors. If your weather stripping is damaged, it can allow water in and should be fixed quickly.

When you bring your car in to us at All Glass for an auto leak diagnosis, we will make sure that the leak is found and eliminated. Along with auto glass and auto leak diagnosis, we work with all things glass including windows, skylights, mirrors and sunrooms. No matter what your glass needs may be, we are the experts you want on your side. Come and see us today.