Greenhouses: What You Need to Know Before you Buy

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If you are an avid gardener and want to be able to garden throughout the year, greenhouses are a great way of achieving your goals. Before making your purchase, there are a few things you should consider.

Consider how big you need your greenhouse to be

1.  Location

a.  Greenhouses typically do best when they are placed on the north or northeast side of a house in a sunny area where they will capture as much daylight as possible.
b.  A freestanding location as opposed to a greenhouse that is attached to your home will give you more control over greenhouse temperatures.
c.  Other location needs to consider are proximity to a water source and a foundation that provides good drainage. Ideally your greenhouse should have the land sloping away from it.

2.  Size – Consider how big you need your greenhouse to be. You want to have enough space for your plants, but also space for you to move around even after your plants begin to grow. A 10’ x 10’ greenhouse is typically the smallest size greenhouse for serious gardeners.

3.  Where to Buy – When considering where to buy your greenhouse, you can buy one online or from a big box store and try to deal with the assembly yourself or you can come to us at All Glass. We have extensive experience in working with glass and our friendly technicians have the knowledge you need to create the perfect gardening space. Our commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that you get just the greenhouse you’re hoping for.

For greenhouses or any other glass needs, call us at All Glass. We look forward to working with you.