Top Advantages of Having Skylights

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If you are building or renovating a home, you have probably thought about how many rooms you want, if you want an open concept or traditional style floorplan, and many other choices. However, one decision that may not have crossed your mind is whether or not to include skylights. At All Glass, we love skylights and think you will as well after learning of some of the advantages they bring to your home.

Skylights are especially popular in bathrooms

  • Energy Saving – One of the major appeals of skylights is the natural light they allow. This natural light can help reduce energy costs from lighting and from the natural heat that can help warm a room on a chilly day. Besides saving you money, using natural light and heat is also better for the environment as it results in reduced pollution from greenhouse gases.
  • Mood – Not only will the natural light help you save money on your utility bill, but it is also good for improving moods. Many people feel more energized by natural light.
  • Privacy – Skylights are especially popular in bathrooms, as they allow extra light while maintaining your privacy from neighbors passing by.
  • Add “space” – Adding a skylight makes a room feel bigger and more spacious.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Cosmetic improvements, such as skylights, add to the value of your home and the appeal, making it easier to sell when the time comes.

Once you’ve decided to include skylights in your home, come to us at All Glass for your skylight installation. Here at All Glass, are technicians are highly trained with many years of extensive experience. We can install your skylight correctly and efficiently and for a fair price. We also offer a lifetime no-leak guarantee on our work. Call us to learn more today.