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Come to us for glass replacement that is done proficiently, quickly, and affordably.

Whether it was caused by a stray ball, a fallen tree, or any number of unfortunate events, broken glass doesn’t have to mean bad luck when you come to us at All Glass. When you call us at All Glass, you are choosing a company with over two decades of experience and a high commitment to customer satisfaction.

Glass replacement in Hickory, North Carolina

When we established our company back in 1994, we set two top priorities. The first was to treat customers right.  From the time you first call us for a glass replacement estimate until the moment your glass repair is complete, you will be treated with top-notch service.

Each of our employees understand the importance of creating positive customer relationships. They know that dealing with broken glass and glass replacement projects can be stressful, so they will do their best to help you feel comfortable, ease your concerns, and get your repair done quickly so that you can get back to dealing with your other daily demands. We have had many of the same employees for years, so you can always count on seeing a friendly familiar face helping you with your glass repair.

Our second priority was to become the glass company you could come to for any of your glass replacement needs. Having a broad area of expertise and experience makes us the best company to call no matter where the glass is that you need repaired. We can work on skylights, windows, greenhouses, mirrors, doors, and so much more.

If you need glass repair in Hickory, North Carolina, let us help you out. Contact us today.


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