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If you want to take your garden to the nest level, we can create custom greenhouses that will help you achieve that goal.

Whether you’re trying to lessen your impact on the environment or just incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your life, growing a garden is a great way to accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, not all plants are suited to the climate here in Hickory, North Carolina and would need special care in order to grow them successfully. However, if your heart is set on having that tropical varietal, then we at All Glass can provide a solution– we offer custom greenhouses that will let you create the ideal environment for growing any greenery you want.

Greenhouses in Hickory, North Carolina

The glass panels of greenhouses allow sunlight to pass through, providing the plants with their main source of energy, while also trapping the associated heat energy inside to create a warmer ambient temperature. This makes greenhouses great for growing more delicate plants or those used to more tropical conditions. You can also use them to extend your growing season into the winter months, or start out seedlings so that they’re ready for the spring thaw. Whatever your goals for your greenhouse may be, our team here at All Glass can help you create the perfect structure to make them happen.

We at All Glass are proud to serve the Hickory community, and we want to help you keep your garden thriving. Greenhouses are one of the most reliable tools that you can use to make this happen, and if you are interested in reaping their benefits for yourself, then we encourage you to give us a call.