The staff was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The new location is very nice, secure and clean. I’d recommend anyone to use this place. They also had amazing prices.

- Samantha B.

They do great work and have personal customer service! I called one of their competitors and had to go through endless phone prompts and endless reminders that you can visit their website. When I finally got a person on the phone, they asked for my zip code? I asked her, “Is this not the Hickory store?” She informed me that no this is the corporate call center! I dialled a local number! When I told her what I wanted, she then had to transfer me to my local store to get a price and availability! What’s the point?? Then I was told that they could not install a window I bought from salvage! Take your business to All Glass. Trust me…

- Patrick

As a moving company we sometimes break some glass. Everything from glass shelves to windowpanes; we have seen mishaps with it all. We like using All Glass to supply us with replacements due to the fast turnaround. Customer service is professional and upbeat, and the staff members are friendly. Prices are also very reasonable. I would highly recommend All Glass.

- Taylor W.

Great customer service! Christy was very knowledgeable, patient and professional. Very quick turnaround on custom order window. Thanks for all your help!

- Caleb D.

Great group to deal with for anything glass. Have used for home and auto – they are the authorities in my book!

- Dawn E.

Very friendly service. I took my car to the shop to get a glass chip repaired. They fixed my chip for a reasonable price and glued my rear-view mirror back on for free! The chip looks better, and the mirror is still attached, so yay. Nice people, reasonable prices. Will use their services again

- Michelle B.

Only glass repair business in HIckory NC that returned my telephone call promptly, or at all. Set definite appointment and kept it; called before they arrived; Jason and Jason came as a team. Very knowledgeable. Replaced double pane window PRONTO, faster than promised. Saved me hundreds of dollars by demonstrating inaccurate findings of two “experts.” Helpful, courteous, prompt, efficient. And they had a good sense of humor, too.

- Carol C.

Can’t say enough good stuff. Was recommended through my insurance for a motor home windshield replacement, which is a tough job. Great communication from the start of the claim through when the glass arrived. It got rough when they found some rust in the frame. But All Glass over delivered by fixing up the frame and setting the glass ahead of the schedule they committed to. Can’t thank them enough and would recommend any and all jobs to that crew.

- Keith C.

All Glass replaced my truck windshield for a very reasonable price. Everything was professional and I’m happy with the result.

- Shannon S.

This place has good prices, polite, helpful staff members and can cut glass any way you want to request, amongst other things. Call them for details.

- Dianne R.

Just got back from picking up a truck I am restoring. I called a couple competitors before finding All Glass and ultimately chose All Glass to install a rear sliding window. They were able to beat the competitors’ price by over $100. They were able to get the parts with no problem. They also got me in and finished in the time they quoted me. Upon arrival, I was not able to open the rear glass. They came out and made sure all was well and sent me on the way with a “God Bless You!” Going forward, I am going to take all my business to All Glass. Not because the extremely cheap prices or the very friendly staff but because they are not ashamed to share their faith. Thanks guys!!

- James H.

We had to replace a window recently and All Glass came right away and did a superior job. Ted was professional and awesome to work with. So grateful for a job well done.

- Linda K.

I had my passenger-side window locked out of my car yesterday and it’s 9:30 and I already have my window in! All Glass did amazing job, were so friendly, and got me back on the road with four windows in less than 24 hours. They were reasonably price and my husband said that he felt anybody that needs glasswork should use them! Thank you, All Glass!

- Meagan L

These folks know how to solve problems with solutions. They are courteous and, although the item I ordered came in wrong twice, it appeared it was no fault of theirs. I would recommend All Glass to anyone.

- Cornelius N.

Great people, friendly and professional. They have glass, plexiglass, car glass, tables, you name it. You won’t go wrong with All Glass.

- Jim K.

These guys are highly professional, courteous, and friendly. If I want a glass job, auto or home, done right, these are the folks to take it to. Only gave 5 stars because I could not give ten. Highly recommended.

- Matt B.

I just had All Glass replace 24 18″ by 18″ panes for my picture window, which was over 60 years old, and 2 side lights. The people were great, especially the owner. They were very productive and neat. The owner was extremely helpful with ideas on what to do and the cost of the project was very reasonable. I have always used them to purchase glass but never to actually do a project. It took me 10 years to finally decide what to do and who to do it. I am extremely pleased with my new windows.

- Collete T.

I was very pleased with Ted’s quick response after I called about a leak and a possible need to replace 3 windows. He quickly realized the problem and fixed the area in question without having to replace any windows. This was truly a “Welcome to Hickory” gift to have such a speedy response and a quick solution! Thanks, All Glass!

- Cecelia R.

All Glass is the place to go for replacing glass panes with broken vapor barriers, cracked windshields, or if you need custom glasswork. They have great service and prices!

- Jason M.

Had the pleasure of meeting Ted at All Glass; took 5 mins to know he’s good people!

- Robert R.

All Glass replaced my windshield years ago, and they did a great job. Why didn’t I write a review then? Same reason you don’t. You just don’t get around to it. But what they did today lit a fire under me to post a review. Wow. Just wow. Backstory: So, some hooligans on a holiday got in my car at the airport, found nothing of value, so they pulled off my rearview mirror. Come on! Seriously? So, of course, I try to reattach it and I failed. But what was amazing was I passed NC State Inspection, as you only need your side mirrors. Crazy, I say. Back to All Glass. I spoke to Brittany, told her what happened, and she said they’d take care of it and there would be no charge. “Whaaaaaat?!?!?” In my best ScoobyDoo voice. Okay, I didn’t, but I wanted to. Yeah, I know, I need to get checked out. The point is, the folks at All Glass are nice people, they know their stuff, they do exceptional work and know how to treat the customer. I know I won’t go anywhere else.

- Jerry W.

I just had to use their services today and literally everyone there is so, so friendly and kind. Their prices are also very reasonable. I had a great experience there for sure

- Leigh B.